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Custom Shibori Yardage

$50+/ yard 

$25+ additional color

$25+ additional pattern

Cost does not include price of material and is determined by the complexity of the pattern, additional colors, and type of dyes used.


One Solid Color

Cami- :$15

T-Shirt/ Polo: $20

Blouse/ Button Down: $25

Skirt/ Pants- $35

Jackets- $50+

Dresses- $55+


Ombre- $25+

Additonal Colors- $15+

Patternwork- $50+


Solid or Tie Dye

Tea-towels- $3+ ea.

Napkins- $2+ ea.

Pillowcases- $10+ ea.


Tie Dye Sheets

(One Flat, One Fitted)

Twin- $145

Full/ Queen- $165

King- $185


- Two week turn around for most items

-  Yardage may take additional time

- Materials that can be dyed: Cotton, Linen, Flax, Wool, Silk, Cashmere, Angora, Bamboo, Nylon, Viscose Rayon

- Types of dyes to be discussed at consultation

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