Basic starting prices for formal wear.  Cost is subject to change and determined by the complexity, material and construction of garment. 

Rush services available. 


Take In / Out $55- 75

Sew- In Cups $25+ 

Replace Zipper $45+

Add Boning $75+

Reshape Neckline- $60+

Add Corset Back- $85+


Alter Straps- $35

Make New Straps- $40

Shorten Sleeves- $35+

Taper Sleeves- $35+

Adjust Shoulders - $55+


Straight Hem- $45/ layer

Rolled Hem- $65/layer

Braiding- $85+

Lace Hem- $150+

Lining Straight Hem- $25+

Crinoline- $35+

Remove Train- $35+

Waistline Adjustment- $200+


Add Belt or Sash- $30+

Bustle- $15 per Point

Add or Remove Lace or Beadwork- $15/ inch

Additional Embelishments- $25+ per service

Services provided by Traveling Seamstress include clothing repair and alterations for everyday and special occasions, custom projects and dye work, slipcovers for home or boat.  Prompt service and quick turnover – will travel to you! Block Island and Southern RI.